Trade-off for justice in Zimbabwe is peace

17 November 2010:

The trade-off for justice in Zimbabwe has to be peace, professor Adam Habib said on Wednesday.

“You can only temper justice if peace is the dividend,” Habib said at the South African Liaison Office (SALO) dialogue on “South Africa’s relations with Zimbabwe” at the University of Johannesburg, where he was a keynote speaker.

He was speaking on reflections for a sustainable reconstruction in Zimbabwe.


Building International Consensus on Zimbabwe: Adam Habib, Keynote Address at the University of Johannesburg 17th November 2010

Professor Adam Habib (Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Research, Innovation and Advancement at the University of Johannesburg) giving his keynote address. SALO drew the audiences attention to the release of Burmese civil rights leader Aung  San Suu Kyi the previous week (13th November 2010). Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) of UJ then announced that he would request the University to award her an honorary doctorate, which took place in October 2011.