First Zimbabwean Roadmap workshop, Burgers Park Hotel, Pretoria May 2011

The discussion was led by Ambassador Lindiwe Zulu, President Zuma’s International Relations Advisor and Spokesperson for the SADC endorsed mediation team on Zimbabwe

Vasu Gounden (Founder and Executive Director of ACCORD), May 2011


(From left to right): Professor Chris Landsberg (SALO board, University of Johannesburg), Vasu Gounden (Founder and Executive Director of the Africa Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes -ACCORD), Dewa Mavhinga (then Regional Coordinator for Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition in South Africa), Isabella Matambanadzo  (Zimbabwean Feminist and Activist), Deprose Muchena (OSISA Deputy Director) and Richard Smith (SALO Board) member and Chair of the session – at the podium.)

SADC Facilitation Team Wants to Meet Security Chiefs

10 May 2011:

[Ambassasor] Zulu told Dewa Mavhinga, Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition Regional Information and Advocacy Coordinator that Zimbabwe’s next elections must be ‘totally different’. Mavhinga met Zulu to hear the progress that has been made by the facilitation team on the Zimbabwe crisis.

“I had a meeting with Ambassador Lindiwe Zulu in Pretoria on the side-lines of a Southern African Liaison Office (SALO) High Level Meeting on the Zimbabwe Roadmap to Elections where we both made presentations. She said tomorrow (Tuesday) one member of the Facilitation Team will travel to Harare to meet with the principals to push the Roadmap issues where there is no agreement,” Mavhinga said.


Zimbabwe Elections Out of the Question This Year

Pretoria Official Says (9 May 2011)

Lindiwe Zulu, a foreign policy aide to South African President Jacob Zuma and a member of the facilitation team seeking to unravel the impasse in Harare said in remarks to the so-called Southern African Liaison Office high-level meeting on the proposed elections road-map for Zimbabwe that the environment is not conducive for elections now.

Sources at the meeting quoted her as saying institutions must also be strengthened.


Zuma’s team to engage defence and security chiefs in Zimbabwe

On Monday Lindiwe Zulu spoke to diplomats and civil society leaders at a conference in Pretoria, under the theme Building International Consensus on Zimbabwe. She dismissed the notion held by many in ZANU PF that elections would be held this year.

‘Elections in 2011 are totally and completely out. When Zimbabwe goes to elections, it has to be elections that are very different from those held in 2008, Zulu said. She added that ‘implementation of all GPA issues and all outstanding issues will create an enabling environment in Zimbabwe and will be a confidence building mechanism.’