Africa – 30 May 2014

Terror unites the divided citizens of Jos
Muslims and Christians in the volatile Nigerian city have closed ranks in the wake of deadly attacks intended to inflame religious tensions.
About 100 traditional hunters from villages in Borno state in northeastern Nigeria have volunteered to track down the Boko Haram terror group. (Reuters)
When Islamist militants set off two bombs that killed 123 people in Nigeria’s volatile city of Jos last week, many feared it would also detonate bloody reprisals in one of Africa’s most religiously tense cities. Umar Tijani, a Muslim, barricaded himself indoors, haunted by memories of seeing a mob bludgeon six youths to death four years ago when Christmas Day bombs pushed the city into a frenzy of killings. Mail and Guardian

Africa in 50 years’ time – inventing a new Africa
This special issue is a reflection on conceptualising and constructing a new Africa in 50 years’ time. It is also devoted to the memory of the late Tajudeen Abdul-Raheem who was a Pan-Africanist visionary. Whilst we must ‘dare to invent the future’ as Thomas Sankara heeded us, we must be realistic in assessing the obstacles in the long term plans for Africa’s development. Pambazuka

Agenda 2063: an e-mail from the future
Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma
At the African Union Commission Retreat of Foreign Ministers held at Bahir Dar, Ethiopia on 24-26 January 2014, Dr. Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma, chair of the AU, gave the following address. It is addressed to the great visionary Pan-Africanist, Kwame Nkrumah in a futuristic look at Africa’s continental achievements in the year 2063. Pambazuka