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23 May 2014

Confusion Over Kingdom’s AGOA Status

There is confusion surrounding the United States’ announcement on the future of Swaziland’s status under the African Growth and Opportunities Act (AGOA).

On Friday (16 May 2014) the AFP news agency reported Makila James, the US Ambassador to Swaziland, saying the kingdom had lost its status because it failed to meet five conditions relating to workers’ and human rights.allAfrica.com

CJ Arrest Warrant for Critic Judges

A newspaper in Swaziland reported on Monday (19 May 2014) that the controversial Chief Justice Michael Ramodibedi had issued warrants for the arrest of three High Court Judges because they disagreed with his actions.

He was reported to be ready to appoint his own judges to replace those arrested.allAfrica.com

King Mswati Spends and Spends

Swaziland’s King Mswati III has increased his annual household budget for 2014 by more than 10 percent to US$61m, this is on top of the 13 percent increase he had in 2013. allAfrica.com

Deputy Speaker sued by lawyer Mlangeni

LEGAL practitioner Titus Mlangeni is suing Mbabane East Member of Parliament (MP) Esther Dlamini, who is also Deputy Speaker, E22 000 for damages to his car allegedly caused by the legislator’s vehicle. The Swazi Observer


With the recent revelation of a further group arrested for looting and defrauding the CPA, it now seems to me there is so much more rot to come out. The CPA and similar institutions appear to be the sitting ducks for criminals posing as business people, legislators and public servants. Times of Swaziland


16 May 2014

Minister Misleads Over IMF Support

Swaziland’s Minister of Finance Martin Dlamini misled the people of the kingdom and the global community when he claimed the International Monetary Fund (IMF) had given Swaziland an ‘almost clean bill of health’ on its economy.

He was reacting in local media to the latest IMF statement following its recent ‘mission’ visit to Swaziland. allAfrica.com

Govt’s ‘Vice-Like Grip’ On Broadcasting

The Government in Swaziland has a ‘vice-like’ grip on broadcast media in the kingdom and nearly all radio content is censored, a report just published said.

No announcement ‘that is negative or does not support the Government’s agenda’ is allowed, the Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) revealed. allAfrica.com


His Majesty King Mswati III has joined other nations in calling for the release of the over 200 Nigerian girls.

The girls were kidnapped by an Islamic group.

The King said they were shocked and surprised by the kidnapping of over 200 young girls in that country by a militant group which has taken them into a forest.

“This is against our African values as we believe children should always be protected and treated with tender care, love and respect. We condemn such acts and the group responsible for this inhumane conduct must know that they are now up against the entire world. We call upon them to release these children with immediate effect, unconditionally and without emotional or physical harm,” he said. Times.


8 May 2014

How Swazi King Mswati Was Made

A lot of people in Swaziland believe that God chose King Mswati III to be king.

And, because of this divine intervention, the king has special abilities and wisdom. For that reason, his word must be obeyed. Those who speak against the King, speak also against God.

‘Women can run this country’        

FORMER Deputy Prime Minister Constance Simelane said if women could vote another into parliament, they could run this country and make laws that would protect women and girls from gender-based violence.

Simelane was addressing a crowd of women during the Mother’s Day event hosted by the Swaziland Action Group Against Abuse (SWAGAA) at the George Hotel yesterday. Mother’s Day will be celebrated worldwide on Sunday. The event packed women from different communities around Manzini under the theme; “Chakaza Mfati”. It was supported by COSPE and the European Union. Swazi Observer

Mario, Maxwell plead not guilty to terrorism

PRESIDENT of proscribed group PUDEMO, President Mario Masuku and SWAYOCO Secretary General Maxwell Dlamini both pleaded not guilty to the charges they are facing yesterday.

PRESIDENT of proscribed group PUDEMO, President Mario Masuku and SWAYOCO Secretary General Maxwell Dlamini both pleaded not guilty to the charges they are facing yesterday. Swazi Observer

Swaziland: Govt’s ‘Vice-Like Grip’ On Broadcasting

The Government in Swaziland has a ‘vice-like’ grip on broadcast media in the kingdom and nearly all radio content is censored, a report just published said.

No announcement ‘that is negative or does not support the Government’s agenda’ is allowed, the Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) revealed. allAfrica.Com


2 May 2014

Mario Masuku, Maxwell arrested

BANNED People’s United Democratic Movement (PUDEMO) President Mario Masuku and SWAYOCO Secretary General Maxwell Dlamini were arrested yesterday at the Salesian Sports ground during the Workers’ Day celebration.

Masuku was amongst a number of political activists invited to address the gathering organised by the Trade Union Congress of Swaziland (TUCOSWA) when he met his arrest.

The political activists included the President of the Ngwane National Liberatory Congress (NNLC) Dr AT Dlamini, African United Democratic Party (AUDP) Secretary General Sibusiso Dlamini, SWADEPA Founding Executive member Reverend Wilfred Mkhiwa Kunene, SWAYOCO President Bhekumusa Dlamini and the Swaziland Communist Party to name a few. Swazi Observer

South Africa: Cosatu Condemns Arrest of PUDEMO Secretary General in Swaziland

King Mswati’s jails are littered with well meaning men and women of conscience, those who have refused to be cowed into submission by royal terror. allAfrica.com

Child mortality remains unacceptably high – UNICEF

UNICEF Representative Rachel Odede takes a look at a 10-week-old baby at the Satelite Clinic.

UNICEF Representative Rachel Odede says child mortality rate remained unacceptably high in the country.

During the launch of the Africa Vaccination Week at Sithobela last week, Odede noted that immunising children against all vaccine preventable diseases was an effective approach that continued to significantly reduce child mortality in countries all over the world. Swazi Observer


MANZINI – SWAYOCO President Bheki Dlamini yesterday claimd he was on the police wanted list, but he is not afraid to go to jail.

SWAYOCO stands for the Swaziland Youth Congress and it is a youth wing of the People’s United Democratic Movement (PUDEMO).

Dlamini was speaking in an interview after the arrest of PUDEMO President Mario Masuku following alleged seditious statements he made during the Workers Day celebrations at Salesian Sports Ground yesterday. Earlier on, Mphandlana Shongwe and Wandile Dludlu were turned back and disallowed from going to Manzini to partake in the celebrations.


25 April 2014

Thulani pleads not guilty

HUMAN Rights lawyer Thulani Maseko said his accusers should be the ones facing the music.

Maseko made these remarks when he tendered a plea of not guilty to charges of contempt of court before High Court Judge Mpendulo Simelane. He said those who brought them to court should be the ones standing in the accused dock. The Swazi Observer

High Court contradicting itself – Advocate Maziya

ADVOCATE Lucas Maziya submitted that the High Court was contradicting itself in respect of the contempt of court trial.

Maziya argued that the accused persons had been made to plead in terms of Section 144 of the Criminal Procedure and Evidence Act (CP&E) when it (court) condemned Judge Mumcy Dlamini for having placed reliance on CP&E when she released Makhubu and Maseko. This is reflected on the fourth ground of appeal filed by Chief Justice Michael Ramodibedi. The Swazi Observer

NEHAWU Condemns the Imprisonment of Pudemo Leaders and Activists By Mswati Regime in Swaziland

NEHAWU condemns the arrest of the Secretary General of PUDEMO, Comrade Mlungisi Makhanya, the party’s Public relations Officer, Brian Ntshangase and other fellow PUDEMO activists early today for wearing PUDEMO T-shirts and berets.

We call for their immediate release and for the Mswati regime to stop persecuting political activists. The use of coercion and fear to subjugate and intimidate the people of Swaziland will never work. The days of the regime are numbered and the sooner they internalise that the better. The regime will tumble like all oppressive regimes as the lessons of history have shown us. allAfrica.com


20 April 2014

Swaziland: IPI Calls On Swazi Govt to Free Editor

The text of a resolution of the General Assembly of the International Press Institute calling on Swaziland’s government to drop charges against jailed editor and human rights lawyer and ensure press freedom:

The members of the International Press Institute, meeting at their 63rd Annual General Assembly during the IPI World Congress on April 14, 2014 in Cape Town, South Africa, adopted by unanimous vote a resolution calling on the Swaziland government to release unconditionally the editor of the independent news magazine The Nation, Bhekitemba Makhubu, and human rights lawyer Thulani Maseko. The arrests were in connection with separate articles each wrote that criticised Swaziland Chief Justice Michael Ramodibedi earlier this year. All Africa


MBABANE – Chief Justice Michael Ramodibedi says he is receiving death threats from unknown people. He has since reported the matter to the police.

His cellphone number has been posted on a social networking site where people are urged to call or send short messages to him demanding the release of The Nation Magazine Editor Bheki Makhubu and Human Rights Lawyer Thulani Maseko. Times of Swaziland


11 April 2014

 ‘Stop Treating Us Like Children’ – Lawyer Dresses Down Judge in Swaziland’s High Court

A prominent human rights lawyer in Swaziland, who is currently detained behind bars for writing an opinion piece questioning the independence of the country’s judiciary, dressed down a high court judge yesterday, telling the judge to stop treating him like a child.

“We have lawyers, why can’t you take the war to them? We are not children. You are a judge and you must behave like one. We are all getting tired of you. You have issued warrants so go ahead and arrest us,” said lawyer Thulani Maskeo from the court dock. Maseko is facing criminal contempt of court charges along with his fellow accused Bheki Makhubu, editor of respected monthly magazine The Nation.

Cosatu Condemns Intensified Arrests By the Mswati Regime

COSATU joins TUCOSWA and the millions of people all over the world in condemning the unlawful and brutal persecution of Swazi activists, with the recent arrests and re-arrests of well known lawyer and human rights activist, Thulani Maseko and Editor of the Nation Magazine, Bheki Makhubu for openly expressing their views and rejecting the royal-tailored judicial crisis in the country. allAfrica.com

It’s difficult to get back AGOA – USA

SHOULD Swaziland lose its African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) eligibility status, it would be difficult to be re-admitted into the programme.

This has been emphasised by a delegation from the United States of America which arrived in the country on Monday to assess progress made by the government in implementing five benchmarks related to eligibility to continue participating in AGOA. Swazi Observer


7 April 2014

Swaziland- Maseko and Makhubu Finally Released

Nation Magazine editor Bheki Makhubu and Human Rights Lawyer Thulani Maseko were released today after three weeks in detention.


3 April 2014

Editor Is a Secret Security Risk – Govt

The Swaziland Government says it has to put Bheki Makhubu, the magazine editor charged with contempt of court, in leg-irons because he is a ‘security risk’.

But, it will not say why he is a risk because it is a ‘secret’.

There has been an international outcry against the jailing on remand of Makhubu and human rights lawyer Thulani Maseko. The two men wrote and published articles critical of Swazi Chief Justice Michael Ramodibedi in the Nation, a monthly magazine with a tiny readership that circulates in Swaziland, where King Mswati. allAfrica


MANZINI – PUDEMO claims that some of their members were stranded for about three hours at Ngwenya Border Gate as their bus was allegedly turned back by the police.

PUDEMO is an acronym for the banned political entity, the People’s United Democratic Movement.

This follows allegations that one of the buses that was ferrying some of the organisation’s members to the congress in COSATU House, Johannesburg was on Friday allegedly blocked and turned back by the Royal Swaziland Police at Ngwenya Border Gate. Times of Swaziland


His Majesty the King arrived safely yesterday in Brussels, Belgium accompanied by Inkhosikati LaMahlangu to attend the 4th EU-Africa Summit which officially opens tomorrow (today).

HIS Majesty King Mswati III joined African and European heads of state and government at the 14th EU-Africa Summit to deliberate on investing in people, prosperity and peace.

The summit was officially opened yesterday afternoon before the leaders engaged in two sessions; peace and security and prosperity. Swazi Observer


28 March 2014

King urges soldiers to preserve peace

His Majesty King Mswati III has urged soldiers to be committed in making the safety of the Kingdom a priority for the preservation of peace.

The King was speaking during army day celebrations held at the Army headquarters in Nokwane.

Bheki Makhubu Back in Detention After Crown Opposes Bail – More Jail Time for Respected Editor

Bheki Makhubu, the internationally respected editor of The Nation magazine, arrived at Swaziland’s high court this morning in leg chains.

Jailed editor Bheki Makhubu (front left) waits for his bail hearing in the dock of courtroom A in Swaziland’s high court. At the last minute Makhubu’s hearing was shifted to court room B. It is unclear why his hearing was moved into another courtroom.

Three serious-looking security guards and several police officers were by his side, watching his every move. A casual bystander, though, might have noticed the natural authority and quiet dignity emanating from the chained journalist. allAfrica


21 March 2014

Swaziland: Journalist and Human Rights Lawyer Held in Jail After Closed Court Hearing

A journalist and a human rights lawyer have been arrested and charged with contempt of court in Swaziland, sub-Saharan Africa’s last absolute monarchy.

Editor of the The Nation magazine Bheki Makhubu and prominent human rights lawyer Thulani Maseko were both arrested and charged with contempt of court after writing articles in Makhubu’s monthly publication. allAfrica.com

Swazi PM Human Rights Smokescreen

Swaziland’s Prime Minister Barnabas Dlamini is trying to divert attention away from the kingdom’s appalling human rights record by claiming opponents are telling lies.

Dlamini was reacting to news that the United States will no longer allow Swaziland to have trade benefits under the African Growth Opportunity Act (AGOA) unless it makes substantial improvements in its treatment of workers and political opponents. allAfrica.com

SD has one month to fix AGOA ties

SWAZILAND has only one month to fix her relationship with the United States of America or else she will lose her AGOA ties.

AGOA stands for Africa Growth Opportunity Act which allows small and developing countries in Africa to trade with the Americans. This follows failure by the country to meet the recommendations made by the International Labour Organisation (ILO), to amend the Industrial Relations Act, having been given until May 15, to act or else will cease being a member of AGOA. Swazi Observer


17 March 2014

Human Rights Lawyer Thulani Maseko arrested

Longtime Human Rights Lawyer, pro-democracy activist and Trade Union Congress of Swaziland (TUCOSWA) lawyer Thulani Maseko was arrested the 17th of March 2014 outside his Mbabane office. The arrest was due to an opinion piece authored by Maseko and published in the Nation Magazine (read full article here: THE ARTICLE THAT GOT HIM JAILED – By THULANI MASEKO), in which he accused the judiciary of Swaziland of paying lip-service to the promises of fighting corruption.


14 March 2014

Ministry denies forced HIV tests

THE ministry of health has denied claims that hospitals are forcing patients to take HIV tests before getting treatment.

THE ministry of health has denied claims that hospitals are forcing patients to take HIV tests before getting treatment.

Minister Sibongile Simelane has emphasised that patients have a right to choose to have an HIV test and further invited those who were forced to test to report the health practitioners.Swazi Observer

Diplomats congratulate Swaziland on new international airport

South African High Commissioner to Swaziland Happy Mahlangu congratulate His Majesty King Mswati III on the new world class airport that was unveiled last Friday. The airport was named King Mswati III International Airport. Swazi Observer


LOBAMBA – A Japanese businessman was kidnapped on Tuesday night and kept blindfolded for two days while his captors demanded a E500 000 ransom.

Police say investigations are still ongoing regarding the abduction of Hiro Maeda who lives at Lobamba. Information gathered from reliable sources is that Maeda was kidnapped on Tuesday evening when he left the house to go and feed his pigs outside. Times of Swaziland


7 March 2014

Swaziland: U.S. Pressure for Swazi Reforms

The United States has made it perfectly clear to Swaziland: make democratic reforms by May or lose a preferential trade agreement.

An estimated 20,000 Swazi people could lose their jobs in the textile industry if the US acts.

Swaziland’s dry spell upends sunny outlook on food

A prolonged dry spell with scorching temperatures has undone an optimistic outlook for Swaziland’s harvest of maize, the staple. Instead, experts are now predicting another round of scarcity and hand-outs in the perennially food-insecure country.


LOBAMBA – Prime Minister Sibusiso Barnabas Dlamini has said if the country lost its  AGOA benefits it would be entirely its own doing because of Swazis who lied about the country.

AGOA is the African Growth Opportunity Act.

Dlamini, who was speaking during the portfolio committee debate of his office in the House of Assembly yesterday, said it was Swazis who wrote letters with false information about the country to Washington, the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and other stakeholders.

“These Swazis report false matters stating that there was no freedom of assembly among other freedoms,” said Dlamini.


21 February 2014

SA workers to “invade Swaziland”

On the day of the planned mass protest in the totalitarian kingdom of Swaziland, 12 April, the powerful trade union COSATU in neighbouring South Africa plans a protest march to “invade” the kingdom in solidarity.

A COSATU statement forwarded to afrol News today says the Soth African union urges its members to participate in its “invasion” of the small kingdom of Swaziland, planned for 12 April.

Afrol News

Swazi regime clamps down on protesters

Some 10,000 pro-democracy protesters in the totalitarian kingdom of Swaziland are met with police forces “armed to their teeth” and roadblocks throughout the city of Manzini.

Afrol News

Swazis give government poor marks in survey

A large majority of people in Swaziland go to bed hungry and blame their government for failing to address their food needs, according to findings from the first formal survey to determine how Swazis view their standard of living.


Swaziland: Kingdom Faces Human Rights Probe

The United States is to investigate Swaziland’s record on human rights and if it finds the kingdom is not respecting them, it will cancel a vital trade agreement.

The Office of the US Trade Representative (USTR) reported, ‘The United States remains deeply concerned about the Government of Swaziland’s lack of measurable progress on workers’ rights issues, particularly protection of freedom of association and the right to organize, its use of security forces and arbitrary arrests to intimidate peaceful demonstrations, and the lack of legal recognition for union federations.’



09 February 2014

‘Starvation’ to Hit Swaziland

The Swazi Observer visited the village of KaMbhoke in the Shiselweni region and described it as a ‘valley of death’. Rains have been scarce this season and crops have failed and now, the newspaper reported, food has run out.



03 February 2014

Govt Wastes U.S.$100 Million Meant for Poor

The money was supposed to be used for projects to alleviate poverty under the Rural Development Fund (RDF), which is administered by the Swazi Ministry for Tinkhundla.



26 January 2014

Swazis Give Government Poor Marks in Survey

Respondents to a recent Afrobarometer survey gave poor marks all around to the government’s economic performance, with 58 percent rating management of the economy as “very bad”. Two-thirds said government efforts to improve the lives of the poor and create jobs were “very poor”, and 77 percent felt that the authorities had done nothing to narrow the gap between rich and poor.



SALO NEWS BRIEF – 6 January 2014

Call for SADC Military to Unseat King

The Communist Party of Swaziland said SADC ‘intervened militarily in Lesotho in 1998 to restore democracy and prevent a coup’ and should consider doing the same in Swaziland.



SALO NEWS BRIEF – 15 December 2013

Police Break up Mandela Memorial in Absolute Monarchy

Police broke up a memorial prayer service at the Lutheran Church in Manzini organised by the Swaziland United Democratic Front (SUDF), “by brute force.”

News Time Africa


SALO NEWS BRIEF – 6 December 2013

Swaziland Bans MPs from Divorce to Spare King’s Blushes

Swaziland’s Senate chief stated lawmakers should not divorce to avoid embarrassing the country’s polygamous king, who has declared that only death can undo marriages.

Business Day


SALO NEWS BRIEF – 22 November 2013

In Swaziland, Coke Holds Sway with the King

Coca-Cola’s Coke’s factory generates more than half of Swaziland’s exports, the central bank says, and nearly a 10th of its gross domestic product. Its influence over King Mswati III is reported to be significant. Read the analysis here.

Wall Street Journal


SALO NEWS BRIEF – 15 November 2013

New Politicians Not Yet on Government Payroll

New Members of Parliament (MPs) might not receive their November salaries. This is because their salaries have not been processed or run by the Treasury Department.

Times of Swaziland




SALO NEWS BRIEF – 8 November 2013

Majozi Sithole New Central Bank Governor

Sithole replaces the outgoing Governor, Martin Dlamini in a swap move that sees Dlamini assuming the portfolio of Minister of Finance.

Times of Swaziland


SALO NEWS BRIEF – 1 November 2013

Swaziland’s Mswati III Reappoints Premier for Third Time

Swaziland’s King Mswati III re-appointed Prime Minister Sibusiso Barnabas Dlamini for the next five years after legislative polls last month in Africa’s last absolute monarchy.

Business Day


SALO NEWS BRIEF – 25 October 2013

Human Rights Abuser Set to Be P.M.

King Mswati III is expected to reappoint Barnabas Dlamani, as his Prime Minister, despite his appalling civil rights record.



SALO NEWS BRIEF – 27 September 2013

Jan Sithole: Swaziland Activist Elected MP

Leading pro-democracy activist Jan Sithole has told the BBC he will be able to bring change to Swaziland, after being elected to parliament. He becomes one of 55 independent MPs after last week’s polls in which political parties could not take part.


SUDF Statement on the end of Sham election

Swazi Election makes a world record for the worst ever in Africa and world standards

Wandile Dludlu

Reports and Statements on the 2013 Swaziland Election


SALO NEWS BRIEF – 20 September 2013

Swaziland Group Calls For Election Boycott

The leader of Swaziland’s People’s United Democratic Movement (PUDEMO) has called on international election observers to boycott Friday’s vote.

Voice of America


Nehawu Supports The Struggle For Freedom And Democracy In Swaziland

NEHAWU condemns the arrest of the Communist Party of Swaziland (CPS) Deputy General Secretary,Cde Musa Dube by the Swaziland Police’s special unit.




SALO NEWS BRIEF – 10 September 2013

Pro-Reform Protestors Arrested in Swaziland

The government has been quick to suppress The Global Week of Action for Swaziland, which has mobilised regional and international support.



SALO NEWS BRIEF – 29 August 2013

More Irregularities At Swazi Election

Accusations include frustrated voters who were turned back after queuing for about six hours after walking 5 km to the polling stations and reports that voters were also transported free of charge from outside districts.


SALO NEWS BRIEF – 14 August 2013

Candidates Say Election ‘Sabotaged’

Swaziland’s national election has been further undermined with the revelation that some names of nominated individuals have been left off the official list of candidates.



SALO NEWS BRIEF – 2 August 2013

South Africa is ‘Immature’, says Swaziland

The Swaziland government has labeled South Africa a “politically immature” state with ignorant MPs, according to Swazi media reports.

Mail & Guardian



SALO NEWS BRIEF – 25 July 2013

Political Instability Stops Firms Investing in Swaziland

The first survey of South African business attitudes on Swaziland shows considerable agreement in negative perceptions about its political instability and uncertain economic future, which hinder investor confidence.



SALO NEWS BRIEF – 17 July 2013

Politicians Tend to Use RDF to Win More Votes – AG

The report states that politicians tend to rush to implement projects with the sole purpose of winning votes.

Times of Swaziland


SALO NEWS BRIEF – 10 July 2013

State Police Spy On Local MPs

The Media Institute of Southern Africa has found that police in Swaziland are spying on the kingdom’s members of parliament.



Swaziland to Release Preliminary Voters List for Election

415,012 Swazis have registered for the elections, leading analysts to believe that only 70 percent of eligible voters have been registered by the ECB.




State Files Kept On Critics

Swaziland’s Prime Minister Barnabas Dlamini told parliament that files are being kept on people in the kingdom who criticize the government and they will be used to ensure they never get positions of influence.

All Africa.com



26 Cops Join Race for Parliament Seats

At least 26 police officers have applied for leave so they can campaign for Parliamentary seats in the 2013 National General Elections in September.

 Times of Swaziland


Registration Period Could be Extended

The period for registering for elections, due to conclude on 23 June, could be extended if many people turn up at the registration centres during the remaining few days.

Times of Swaziland



Elections Expenses Bill Tossed Out

Members of Parliament tossed out the proposed Elections Expenses Bill of 2013. The Bill would force candidates standing for elections to declare monies that they would use for their campaign within three days of winning the primary elections for reasons of accountability.

Times of Swaziland


Police Tighten Grip on Civil Society

As Swaziland, Africa’s last remaining absolute monarchy, approaches elections later this year, the state has visibly increased its police clampdown on any opposition political activity. Freedom of speech, association and expression are particularly at stake.

Think Africa Press



Date Set for Controversial Election

King Mswati III announced the controversial elections to the House of Assembly in his kingdom will be held on 20 September. Primary elections will take place on 24 August 2013.

All Africa.com

Swaziland Reduces Election Target

Swaziland‘s Elections and Boundaries Commission (EBC) has struggled to meet voter registration targets. The EBC had said there were 600,000 people in Swaziland eligible to vote, however, only 190,000 people have signed up to vote to date.

All Africa.com


The leader of Swaziland’s banned opposition People’s United Democratic Movement (PUDEMO) has called on citizens to boycott this year’s national elections.
Voice of America
Prince Gija, chairman of Swaziland’s Elections and Boundaries Commission, stated that preparations are underway to register prospective voters before the end of June.
Voice of America