A Report Back Workshop on the 10th Plenary of the Kimberley Process

Thursday 06 March 2014, Pretoria

Since South Africa’s 2013 chair of the Kimberley Process, SALO, through the EU-SA dialogue facility and working with SA’s Department of Mineral Resource, embarked on a process of research and convening multi-stakeholder dialogues aimed at building consensus on the Kimberley Process (KP). Though not without limitations and criticisms, the KP represents one example of how governments, industry and civil society can jointly work towards peace and security. In November 2013, the KP held its 10th plenary in Johannesburg South Africa, where the initiative’s success in stemming the flow of “conflict diamonds” was acknowledged and the close co-operation between government, industry and civil society was reaffirmed. Decisions were made on a wide range of issues, but there were also disagreements. CSOs and some participants remain dissatisfied with the pace of reform.

SALO sees necessity for continuing dialogue on the KP. Bringing together participants and speakers from governments, diamond industry and civil society, this workshop intends to reflect on the past year, lessons learnt during SA’s tenure as chair, resolutions that came out the 10th plenary, issues that remain contested and what this means for the initiative going forward.


Ambassador Welile Nhlapo – Outgoing South African KP Chair (2013)

Shamiso Mutisi 2

Mr Shamiso Mutisi – Representative of the KP CSO Coalition

Please click on the link below to access the Final Communique of the Kimberley Process Plenary held in November 2013:

Johannesburg Plenary Communique 2013

kimberly copy