DRC – 26 May 2015

Two Tanzanian UN peacekeepers killed in DRC ambush
Two United Nations (UN) peacekeepers from Tanzania were killed, 13 wounded and four were missing in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo on Tuesday when their patrol was ambushed by suspected Ugandan Islamist rebels, the United Nations said.
The peacekeepers were attacked in the village of Kikiki, around 50 km (30 miles) north of the town of Beni in North Kivu province, Felix Basse, spokesman for the mission known as Monusco, told Reuters.

Residents Start Tax Strike in Terrorized Eastern DRC Town
Residents of Beni, a town in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, are on a tax strike following a series of massacres in the area. Local activists have called for the strike to go on until security is restored.
Civil society groups in Beni territory say the death toll from killings and massacres in the area since last October is now well more than 300.
Voice of America

EU to Vote On Conflict Minerals
The European Union is set to adopt a law that seeks to prevent trading commodities that finance armed conflicts.The US has such a law, and what remains of the European Parliament is to come up with its own version.
Minerals like gold, tin, tungsten and tantalum are essential in the manufacturing of laptops and cell phones. Yet many of such precious minerals originate in areas- mostly in Sub-Saharan Africa plagued by wars and rebellions for decades.
In eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), various rebel groups have for years financed their activities through the trade of the so-called conflict commodities. Access to mines in most occassions has become an entry point to starting a war. This has been fueled by the global demand for technical devices which has also contributed indirectly to murder, expulsion and rape in countries such as the DRC.