Anti-Xenophobia Programme

SALO’s anti-xenophobia programme

Building national, regional and international consensus on how to address the root causes and negative impact of the Xenophobia-related conflicts in the region and ensure more humane treatment for refugees and migrants.

The plight of Zimbabwean refugees (and African refugees in general including those from DRC) continues to be a focus of SALO’s activities, especially since the xenophobic attacks of May 2008. Education campaigns conducted by SALO in communities have highlighted the real threats in their home countries that have driven African foreigners in great numbers into South Africa in the hope that this perspective will lessen local hostility against them.  We aim to reduce the vulnerability of African migrants in South Africa/SADC (the majority of who come from Zimbabwe) and to contribute to the conflict resolution processes necessary to allow people to live securely and ultimately return to the country of their choice.

We lobby government and the ruling party at all levels on the issues. SALO works in partnership with a range of organizations including ZSF, PASSOP, OSISA, the LRC, the South African Human Rights Commission and the Centre for Civil Society at UKZN. We believe the full spectrum of SALO’s work shows the building of relationships, trust and a knowledge continuum that all contribute towards more effective civic and government interventions for democracy in the region which will improve the position of migrants and refugees living in SA, and that of the poor and marginalised communities within which they live.