Re-establishment of US diplomatic relations with Cuba


Wednesday, 17th December 2014

Today, US president Barrack Obama announced that the USA will be reestablishing diplomatic relations with Cuba, with the opening of an Embassy in Havana and the relaxation of several trade and travel restrictions with immediate effect. Obama also negotiated for the immediate release of the three remaining ‘Cuban Five’ still imprisoned in America, in exchange for the successful release of American Alan Gross and a U.S. spy held in Cuba. These evolvements are the apparent result of a year of secret talks between the USA and Cuba, with the personal involvement of Pope Francis. While Obama has exercised his executive authority in making these calls, Congress alone has the power to officially overturn the economic embargo against Cuba which was adopted by Congress in 1960 and is upheld by 6 separate statutes. This is an historic moment in 21st century politics, after almost 5 decades of Cold War-foreign policy isolation.

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