Western Sahara – 29 July 2015

Kerry Kennedy: Morocco has pressured UN to ignore Western Sahara
The president of Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights accuses Moroccan government of widespread abuses in Western Sahara.
Mohamed Lamine Haidala was 21 years old when he died from wounds that his family say were inflicted by five Moroccan men.
An ethnic Saharwi, Haidala was attacked, beaten, and stabbed in the neck in El Aaiun, Western Sahara on 31 January. His family insist he was yet another victim in a territory where the native Sahrawis are constantly subjected to abuses by Moroccan authorities or by Moroccan settlers who enjoy an environment of near-total impunity.
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Uber Morocco Removes ‘Western Sahara’ from its List of Countries
Following the wave of outrage after listing ‘Western Sahara’ as a country, Uber Morocco has officially removed the self-proclaimed independent State.
A report by Morocco’s news website Yabiladi said that ‘Western Sahara’ no longer exists within countries where Uber is set to expand. The name was also removed from the worldwide mobile application. Last week, the picture of the list including ‘Western Sahara’ was widely shared on Twitter, enraging Moroccan social media users.
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