Zimbabwe – 6 March 2015

400 Zimbos die in SA every month
AN estimated 400 bodies of dead Zimbabweans are repatriated into the country every month from South Africa, with most of the deaths being a result of murder, the Financial Gazette has reported.

New Zimbabwe

Mugabe salary up three times to $12,000 per month
President Robert Mugabe has revealed that he now gets paid about $12,000 per month including allowances, meaning his salary has been tripled over the last year.
The government has resisted pressure by poorly paid civil servants for better wages, pleading poverty with finance minister Patrick Chinamasa telling the workers they were lucky to be even getting the little they are paid.

New Zimbabwe

Obama Extends Zimbabwe Sanctions but UK Softens, Seeks to Re-Engage
President Barack Obama has extended sanctions against President Robert Mugabe and members of his inner circle at a time the British government is dispatching its secretary for international development to Zimbabwe for meetings with the Harare regime.
Mugabe’s Zanu PF party expectedly condemned Washington’s “arrogance” while welcoming London’s overtures to improve relations which have remained frosty since western countries imposed sanctions to punish Mugabe for alleged rights abuses and electoral fraud, charges the 91-year-old leader denies.