Western Sahara


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    Western Sahara Country Facts:

    West sahara – Independence gained: (relative independence from former Coloniser, Spain on the 14th of November 1975) however authority to ‘oversee’ or control Western Sahara was given to Morocco and Mauritiana- Constitution: no formal constitution but there is a constitution under the Constitution of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (“government in waiting?”)

    – Government: the legal status of territory and the issue of the sovereignty are unresolved. The territory has been contested by Morocco and Polisario Front (Popular Front for the Liberation of Saguia el Hamra and Rio de Oro). In February of 1976 they were formally proclaimed a government in exile, namely the Sahraqi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR), based out of refugee camps near Tindouf, Algeria. Led by Presiden Mohamed Abdelaziz.

    – Population: 554,795 (2013 est)

    – HDI: data unavailable.

    – Ethnic groups: Arab, Berber
    – Languages: Standard Arabic (national), Hassaniya Arabic, Moroccan Arabic
    – Religions: Muslim
    – Suffrage: None; (residents of Moroccan-controlled Western Sahara participate in Moroccan elections)

    Information from CIA factbook, Wikipedia, BBC, and other websites