Engaging, influencing and interpreting SA foreign policy

This is the core of SALO’s work because it believes the SA government, ruling ANC Alliance and parliament are central to driving Southern African/African democratic and peace processes.

This initiative includes:

  • Research including studies of South Africa’s relations with its neighbours
  • Support to SA/SADC mediation efforts in countries like Zimbabwe and Madagascar
  • Support to sub-committees of the SA Parliament in their efforts to understand and influence African crises and conflicts
  • Support to ANC Alliance policy processes so as to produce more informed policy

Many of these themes cross cut the main project areas of SALO.

The following excerpts highlight the appreciation and support SALO receives from key policy makers in the SA government’s peace and security and international relations arenas, and parliament’s portfolio committee on international relations.

“Now the question of the dialogue becomes of critical importance because we then find time to engage those issues, go into details, on some areas where there are differences.  – because there would be differences – and see how we can manage those differences. And where we can’t totally agree, find a way of disagreeing that does not have negative consequences on the country that, we both believe and think we can make a contribution towards the resolution of that conflict.  We value these regular structured engagements, because they are very open, frank and they help both sides to understand how best we can work together to find a common basis for solving the problems that we all have an interest to solving.” : Interview with Ambassador Welile Nhlapo, SA’s Special Envoy to the Great Lakes Region and National Security Advisor to the SA President.

“SALO is an organisation that is in South Africa, but that touches the issues that are related to Southern Africa, I think that SALO has got the capacity to take this continent even higher than where it is right now. … they are grounded in that aspect of doing work for the love of the most ordinary people, for the love of humanity… May I say that from the President’s office … we will continue to work with you and work with you as closely as we possibly can.” Ambassador Lindiwe Zulu, International Relations Advisor to the SA President.

SALO facilitated the attendance of various stakeholders including the EU and a Zimbabwean delegation of civil society, academia and political party representatives at a hearing  of the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on International Relations at Parliament