Deepening North-South partnerships

SALO focuses on building effective communication and information exchange about countries in crisis between Southern actors (including the South African government, other African governments and African civil society) and Northern actors, particularly European states. The aim is to increase levels of mutual trust and understanding and to enable all actors to take informed decisions regarding crisis interventions. This is achieved through regular shared public fora as well as through dedicated bilateral briefings, policy briefs and background reports.

It is within a perspective of Africa-Africa solutions, in alignment and partnership with European and other global partners, that SALO as a civil society role player facilitates strategic and catalytic engagements. Working with civil society and government stakeholders through dialogue and knowledge resourcing, SALO informs South African policy positions around critical issues affecting these crises and conflicts . The importance of keeping these issues on the global agenda is achieved, through similar processes (including collaboration and engagement), with SALO’s regional and international partners.

SALO’s strategy of ensuring that relevant voices engage in dialogue around solutions to crisis situations has been appreciated by European partners for several years. The access and facilitation encouraged by SALO for these partners, with South African policy makers, regional and international ambassadors and civil society, has enabled dialogue to reach new conclusions and clearer insights, with the intention of more effective decisions ultimately being taken on policy and action for crisis situations.