Deepening South-South partnerships

 Focus Areas:

  • Africa, Asia and Latin America
  • SADC
  • AU
  • India-Brazil-South Africa Dialogue Forum (IBSA)

Project: South-South Forum

This Strategic Initiative aims to promote Southern partners’ dialogue. SALO provides platforms in which members of SADC, the African Union and the Pan African Parliament can engage with each other, and with South African and regional civil society actors, in sustained ways which go beyond issue-by-issue engagement. SALO brings together African, Asian and Latin American diplomatic communities in Southern Africa (mainly in Pretoria and Harare) so as to build stronger relationships and stimulate deeper, more informed and more proactive African policy-making. We also raise awareness about the relationship between challenges in specific countries and the region’s overall objectives of poverty reduction, peace, development and economic integration.

SALO regularly convenes a South-South dialogue forum to complement, enhance, and bring in additional representation from African and other Southern countries into our BIC networks and shared objectives. Building policy consensus and informed policy-making in Africa and the global South also contributes to strengthening Southern voices in SALO’s South-North consensus-building fora.