Swaziland Programme

The Public Participation, International Consensus, and Democratic Governance in Swaziland Programme (multiple donors)

Using a consultative approach, SALO proposes to expand the available democratic space and deepen the debate about democracy in Swaziland through an integrated dialogue and information-driven initiative—the Public Participation, International Consensus, and Democratic Governance in Swaziland Programme. This programme aims to

  • Harmonize and deepen international understanding of the situation in Swaziland;
  • Synchronize action strategies among key multilateral stakeholders;
  • Increase civil society’s capacity to influence policy on Swaziland;
  • Strengthen the voices and roles of women in discourse on Swaziland; and
  • Promote increased access to relevant, first-hand information on Swaziland.


These objectives will be achieved through a variety of tactics, including

  • Building International Consensus Workshops;
  • Traditional Leadership Discussion Forums;
  • Dialogue & Discussion Forums for diplomats;
  • Informal Lobbying;
  • Civil Society Strategic Learning Workshops;
  • Research and Video Production; and
  • Continual Information Dissemination.


This programme will place policy discussions within an SADC regional context and highlight the lessons on democratic governance and policy change that can be shared. Building on organizational experience from SALO’s Zimbabwe programme over the past six  years, the proposed programme will engage with multi-level stakeholders, including African and other international diplomats, the South African Government, civil society groups, traditional leaders, church-based organisations, youth, women, labour unions and academia, to strengthen the calls for participatory governance by the people of Swaziland.