Zimbabwe and the DRC

Irish Aid and the Irish Embassy in Pretoria two-year programme 2011/2012:

Zimbabwe and the DRC


Intervention strategy: SALO’s work is strategically premised on recognising the cross-border and regional impacts of a crisis of development, stability and good governance in various states in the region and the continent. In response, it seeks to address development, peace and good governance in South Africa, the region and the continent as an interrelated process. This is illustrated by the spill-over effect of the growing influx of refugees and asylum-seekers into South Africa, its impact on South Africa’s ability to assist such persons, and the public outbreak of xenophobic violence that erupted in 2008 in this country. At the same time respect for human rights is fundamental to development and to the promotion of equality and equity in South Africa as elsewhere.


In light of the above problems, the proposed action falls within both civil society and state domains and intends to work with stakeholders through dialogue and to influence policy positions around critical as well as convergent issues (a small selection of which are highlighted above) affecting Zimbabwe and DRC, but also taking into account regional dynamics. SALO seeks to promote effective national, regional, and international consensus and coordinated policy interventions towards building democracy in Zimbabwe and DRC and ensuring more humane treatment for their citizens in South Africa through:

  • Building International, Regional and National Consensuson the best policy solutions through targeted dialogue sessions that bring together diverse, multi-level stakeholders towards formulating effective policy interventions.
  • Information Generation & Disseminationto promote better-informed policy decisions and greater awareness among the media, civil society and citizens in general.
  • Networking & Capacity Building in Civil Societyto increase civil society’s access to and influence on policy makers, contributing to more effective policy.


This project is building on a five-year process of consensus-building on Zimbabwe which was funded first as a three-month pilot project by the Irish Embassy in Pretoria, and later grew into SALO’s flagship project with a number of donors including Irish Aid.