A workshop on: The role of the Kimberley Process in addressing conflicts in Africa: special focus on DRC and CAR – 12 November 2013


From the 19th to the 22nd of November 2013, the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS or KP), a tripartite global governance initiative bringing together governments, the diamond industry and civil society to curb the trade of conflict diamonds will be holding its 10th plenary meeting in Johannesburg. As a build up to this plenary, SALO is conducting a series of workshops aimed at building international consensus on how to best enhance the effectiveness of the KP.

The aim of the workshop held on the 12th of November was to discuss KP’s role in dealing with conflicts in Africa within the context of resurgent armed conflicts in the Central African Republic (CAR), DRC and Cote D’ivoire. Participants who included diplomats, civil society and industry shared their views on the multi-dimensional nature of these conflict, in particular the role of mineral resources and how the KP can complement other conflict prevention and peace building efforts in these countries.

Kimberly meeting 12-11-13

(From Left to Right: Ambassador Roeland van de Geer – EU Delegation, Pretoria former EU Special Representative to the Great Lakes Region; Mr BL M’Poko – Ambassor of the Democratic Republic of Congo and Head of the Diplomatic Corps; Ambassador Welile Nhlapo – Kimberley Process Chair




Dr Showers Mawowa – SALO

Dr Claude Kabemba

Dr Claude Kabemba – Director, Southern Africa Resource Watch


Aziz Pahad – Former SA deputy foreign minister

Click on the link to view the full Policy Dialogue Report: Policy Dialogue Report No. 21- The Role of the Kimberley Process in Addressing Conflicts in Africa