Africa – 22 April 2016

Africa moves centre-stage in global security debate

Two high-profile security conferences in Ethiopia have underlined the significance Western policymakers attach to enlisting African support when shoring up global security and meeting the growing terrorist threat.

Ethiopia was a good choice of venue. Two international forums devoted to peace and security were running almost concurrently in the nation on the Horn of Africa. The Munich Security Conference, which stages a key meeting in the southern German metropolis every year in February, mounted a Core Group Meeting in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa on Thursday and Friday. Core Group Meetings are gatherings of no more than 60 people in which pressing international security issues can be discussed in an informal, relaxed atmosphere.

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Egypt will help establish security and peace in Africa

Sahel-Saharan defence officials talk military cooperation in Sharm El-Sheikh. Over the past few years the Sahel/Sahara region has become a field of conflicts and source of multiple threats due to interwoven causes in which numerous factors operated. Prime among these is the wave of terrorism that threatens all societies and states without exception or discrimination.

Our responsibility as military men has grown more complex in light of the advances in the capacities of terrorist groups. We are required to work hard, think creatively, and summon a strong will and determination in order to ensure optimum success in light of our historical responsibility to achieve the aspirations of our people.— General Mohamed Al-Kishki, Egyptian assistant defence minister for foreign affairs

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Health Security Key to Realize SDG, African Renaissance

Africa needs to ensure the health security of its people to attain the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and to realize its renaissance, according to the Director of the Africa Peace and Security Program (APSP).

Michelle Ndiaye Ntab, Director of the Africa Peace and Security Program (APSP) and Tana Forum Head of Secretariat at the Institute for Peace and Security Studies (IPSS), told ENA that health security has been the toughest challenge to the overall development of Africa.

“HIV/AIDS has been the main cause of death for millions of Africans over the last decades,” Michelle said indicating the lives of many productive manpower lost due to the spread of the deadly disease.