Africa – 5 June 2014

West and Central Africa to join forces against Boko Haram
An extraordinary Ecowas security summit has announced plans for a partnership with Central African states to fight “terrorism” in the region.
The Economic Community of West African States (Ecowas) announced plans on Saturday to increase co-operation with Central African states in the battle against “terrorism”, amid fears of Boko Haram’s insurgency spreading across the region. Mail and Guardian

Africa will rewrite its own history of glory and dignity exactly in the next 50 years
Africa’s key strengths lie in its young population, women with potential, its big reserves of natural and mineral resources, especially huge reserves of water, vast arable land, hydropower potential and forests
It is a privilege for me to be invited by Pambazuka News to gaze into my crystal ball and write a piece about what I realistically see and share my thoughts about where Africa is heading in the next 50 years. Pambazuka

Africa’s betrayal by its leaders
After 50 years of independence, Africa is rippled with conflicts and it is foremost Africa’s leaders who are to blame. African leadership has to care about the African people and invest in them in the sense of Ubuntu. Pambazuka