AMEC Insights – A failed coup and the domestic, regional and global aftermath

28 July 2016

Although Turkey survived the recent coup attempt, the impact of that operation will be felt for a long time, and there are serious implications for the putchists as well as the rest of Turkish society and the Middle East region.
The evening of Friday, 15 July, saw one of the most severe attacks on Turkey’s democracy since 1997, as a small faction of the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) attempted to wrestle control of the state. With more than 200 people killed and 1 500 wounded, a state of emergency was declared days later for a period of three months. As the government began its clampdown against those it accuses of being participants in or complicit with the coup attempt, questions have already been raised about the nature of the democratic process in Turkey, the clampdown by the state, and the stability of the strategically important Eurasian country in an already politically volatile region. Much of this discussion is spiced with a range of conspiracy theories.
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