BRICS – Civil society working group on Gender Inequality – Policy Brief June 2018

From the 25th – 26th of June 2018, the BRICS Civics held a consultation to finalise recommendations for the July 2018 BRICS summit. This policy brief provides a summary and recommendations from the Gender Inequality Session. South Africa’s hosting of the summit, prioritisation of gender and expected launch of a BRICS women’s forum in the session was aimed at strengthening the momentum towards a stronger gender equality agenda within the BRICS. Gender inequality is a common challenge across all the BRICS countries. Some of the key issues raised in this dialogue pertained to the need for BRICS countries to do more to address gender-based violence (GBV), workplace discrimination, education, improve data gathering, address financial exclusion, implement gender sensitive fiscal planning, economically empower women and improve access to justice.

Download PDF here: BRICS PB 25th of June- Illustrated final