Building Regional and International Consensus in Southern Africa: Botswana/Zimbabwe/South Africa: Refugees, Migrants, Diaspora

30 January 2013, Burgers Park Hotel, Pretoria

Tara Polzer Ngwato

Facilitator: Tara Polzer Ngwato (Migration and conflict transformation expert and SALO consultant)

 Braam Hanekom and Bongani Masuku
 Braam Hanekom, Director of PASSOP (left) and
Bongani Masuku, International Relations Secretary, Congress of South African Trade Unions (right)
 Thoko Matshe (Africa Regional Coordinator,Olof Palme International Center) in the foreground addressing the panel: From left to right: Alice Mogwe (Director of Ditshwanelo, Botswana Centre for Human Rights), HE Kenny Kiniotiro Kapinga (Botswana High Commissioner to South Africa) and David Modiega (Civil society representative: The Botswana Civil Society Solidarity Coalition on Zimbabwe, and Chief Executive Officer of Churches United Against HIV & AIDS)

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