CAR – 11 June 2015

Central Africa’s diamonds come at high price in blood and sweat
Barefoot, with sweat pouring down their naked chests, 50 men slave in the depths of the Central African forest digging for diamonds in a sandy pit half the size of a football pitch.
They all share the same desperate hope — that one day they will find a diamond that will change their miserable lives forever.
Yahoo News

UN chief to launch independent inquiry into sexual abuse case
Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has announced his intention to establish an independent review panel to investigate the United Nations’ handling of sexual abuse allegations involving foreign troops in the Central African Republic (CAR), the Organization has confirmed.
In a statement issued this afternoon, the UN Spokesperson’s Office explained that the External Independent Review would examine the treatment of the specific report of abuse in the CAR as well as “a broad range of systemic issues related to how the UN responds to serious information of this kind.”
UN News

Bemba’s Lawyers and Aides Could Be Sent Back to ICC Detention
Appeals judges have found that a pre-trial judge made three errors last October when he ordered the interim release of Jean-Pierre Bemba’s four co-accused from International Criminal Court (ICC) detention.
In separate May 29 rulings, the judges reversed two decisions that ordered the interim release of Mr. Bemba, his two former lawyers, and two other associates from court custody. While the Appeals Chamber found that it would not be in the interests of justice to rearrest four of the suspects, given the time that had passed since they were released; it did remand the matter to the trial chamber to determine whether those who were released should be rearrested.