CAR – 4 July 2014

US increases aid to Central African Republic amid new surge of violence

The US has announced it is to increase its humanitarian aid to the Central African Republic (CAR) by $51m (£30m) this year, bringing the total funding to $118m (£69m).

The state department said the new allotment was aimed at people living in CAR, as well as those who have fled to neighbouring countries.
The announcement comes after reports that dozens of people have been killed in CAR this week, following the massacre of 17 Muslims by Christian militia gunmen unleashed a fresh wave of sectarian violence.
The Guardian

Starvation Real Threat in Central African Republic

Starvation is a looming reality for many people in the Central African Republic. The call is out from the United Nations for immediate aid.
The heads of two United Nations humanitarian agencies today issued an urgent appeal as food shortages hit nearly 800,000 refugees in Africa, threatening to worsen already unacceptable levels of acute malnutrition, stunting and anaemia, particularly in children.
Supplies have been cut by at least 50 per cent for nearly 450,000 refugees in remote camps and other sites in the Central African Republic, Chad and South Sudan. Another 338,000 refugees in Liberia, Burkina Faso, Mozambique, Ghana, Mauritania and Uganda have seen their rations reduced by between five and 43 per cent.

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