DRC – 13 October 2015

Democratic Republic of the Congo hangs on President Kabila’s next move
President Joseph Kabila’s options for the 2016 presidential elections in the Democratic Republic of the Congo are narrowing quickly.
A failed attempt at amending the constitution in January, allowing him a third term, resulted in violent protest in both Kinshasa and Goma, leaving 40 people dead, according to Human Rights Watch. The protests are in line with a larger trend of popular uprisings against African leaders’ attempts to extend their tenure through constitutional changes.
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DR Congo electoral commission chief’s resignation sparks concern
The surprise resignation of the Democratic Republic of Congo’s electoral commission chief, announced Saturday on television, triggered concern among opposition ranks that President Joseph Kabila may be looking to postpone a critical vote due next year.
Abbott Apollinaire Malu-Malu submitted his resignation as chief of the independent national electoral commission (CENI) for health reasons, according to a statement carried by state television.