DRC – 4 March 2016

Deadly attack near the town of Beni

France condemns the massacre perpetrated during the night of February 28 to 29 near the town of Beni (North Kivu), which killed 13 people. We extend our condolences to the victims’ families. The perpetrators of this attack must be brought to justice. This tragedy, which comes in the wake of a series of deadly attacks near Beni, underscores the urgent need for resolute and coordinated action by the Congolese army and MONUSCO to protect the civilian population and restore security in the Kivus.

France Diplomatie


Rwanda Arrests Democratic Republic of Congo Rebel Commander

Rwandan authorities arrested a top Congolese rebel leader from the M23 group, according to the Democratic Republic of Congo’s Minister for Information, Lambert Mende.

Seraphin Mirindi was taken into custody near the border this week, Mende said Friday by phone from the capital, Kinshasa. “We would wish the Rwandan government to send him back to Congo,” Mende said. “This should be a strong message for anyone who wants to cause instability in Eastern Congo.”