Election this year will be a disaster

Raftopolous, Petras (2 February 2012)

“The political environment is not favorable for holding of free and fair elections as intimidation, harassment and selective application of law is still widespread in the country”, said Petras who was addressing a South African Liaison Office meeting here.?Raftopolous added to Petras’s remarks stating that the  Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-T) led by Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai was likely to win the much anticipated elections though the current environment does not guarantee smooth transfer of power.??“Zanu PF does not derive its legitimacy from electoral contestation but rather from its self-claimed contribution in the liberation struggle”, commented Raftopolous.

Source: http://www.radiovop.com/index.php/national-news/8126-election-this-year-will-be-a-disaster-raftopolous-petras.html