Madagascar – 1 April 2016

Madagascar’s ex-president Ravalomanana to run for election in 2018

Former president of Madagascar, Marc Ravalomanana, has confirmed his intention to run for president in 2018. Analysts said the announcement of his candidature was a bit premature as it comes two years before the presidential election. His close aides said this will enable him prepare well for the election.

The announcement of the candidature comes at a time when there are reports about plans to introduce age limits to eliminate some candidates. Ravalomanana was overthrown in 2009 and went on exile in South Africa.

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World Bank Supports Madagascar Electricity Sector’s Operations and Governance

The World Bank Board of Executive Directors approved today an International Development Association (IDA)* credit in the amount of US$65 million in support of the Government of Madagascar to improve the country’s electricity sector governance and operations.

“The lack of adequate electricity access in Madagascar constrains the delivery of basic social services.It also makes it difficult to do business, which perversely affects the country’s investment climate,” said Coralie Gevers, Country Manager for Madagascar. “The Government has committed to work with the public electricity utility JIRAMA so it can fulfill its mission of providing energy efficiently and with higher standards of performance. We are committed to accompanying them on this journey which is only beginning.”

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