Madagascar – 30 September 2015

17,000 Back Religious Freedom at Huge Rally in Madagascar
More than 17,000 people rallied at a Seventh-day Adventist-organized event in Madagascar to pledge their support for religious liberty.
The daylong “Festival of Religious Freedom,” held in a sports arena in the capital, Antananarivo, was the first such event to be held in the Indian Ocean island nation.
The festival drew community and national leaders, including Interior and Decentralization Minister Olivier Mahafaly.
The event was jointly sponsored by the Adventist Church’s Southern Indian Ocean Union and the Adventist-affiliated International Religious Liberty Association, or IRLA.
Adventist Review

Madagascar’s food crisis: Chronic malnutrition is stunting mental capacity
There are two food crises in Madagascar. The first is very obvious and distressing, but it can be fixed. The second is almost invisible – but has already had devastating, long-lasting consequences on the mental development of successive generations of Malagasy children. And the implications of what’s happening in Madagascar go far beyond the island itself, and cut to the core of inequality in the modern world.
Daily Maverick