Mapping Vulnerability to the Virus

The GCRO, as an urban observatory, helps build the knowledge base for the Gauteng City-region. We collect data and provide policy analysis and support for key issues in the city-region. 

In light of the COVID-19 outbreak the GCRO has developed a set of maps that may help disaster response planning. These maps focus on the spatial distribution of some salient risks and vulnerabilities in communities at a ward level.  The maps explore two key themes: 1) the multiple risk factors in achieving basic hygiene and social distancing; and 2) the multiple risk factors in the context of major shutdowns and potential outbreaks.

In general the maps illustrate that the COVID-19 epidemic will intersect with a number of other health and socio-economic challenges, that in some communities will amplify the risk of its spread, and which in turn will be exacerbated by both the disease itself, and any major shutdown likely to be introduced to contain it.

Data for the these maps is drawn from the GCRO Quality of Life V (2017/18) Survey. The survey measures the quality of life, socio-economic circumstances, attitudes to service delivery, psycho-social attitudes, value-base and other characteristics of the GCR.

This document contains the full supplementary material and maps in support of the GCRO March 2020 Map of the Month