Policy Brief No 3 of 2017 – “Major South African Foreign Policy Trends and Issues of 2017”, 23rd March 2017

On the 23rd March 2017, SALO held a dialogue on “Major South African Foreign Policy Trends and Issues of 2017”. The keynote speaker for this dialogue was Hon Siphosezwe Masango, Chairperson of the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on International Relations and Cooperation. The aim of the dialogue was to provide an informed overview of the key concerns and issues that would affect and underpin South African foreign policy in 2017.  The discussion as led by the speakers, as well as the contributions from the participants, highlighted the challenging international environment, which seems to be in a state of flux characterised by growing uncertainty and the emergence of entrenched conservatism and protectionism. This is the context within which South Africa has to navigate, and evaluate, its foreign policy approaches, as well as calibrate its future International Relations priorities.

Read full Policy Brief here: PB NO 3 – 23 March 2017