Policy Brief on: Multi-stakeholder Workshop on Regional Peace and Security

On 26 November 2018, the Southern African Liaison Office (SALO) together with the Norwegian Embassy hosted a multi-stakeholder workshop entitled ‘Regional Peace and Security Issues’. The Minister of Small and Medium Business Development and Chair of ANC International Relations Sub-committee, Ambassador Lindiwe Zulu, delivered the keynote address. The aim of the dialogue was to address trends and prospects as well as challenges relating to regional peace and security in SADC. The discussion provided a reflection on the recent elections in Zimbabwe and the Kingdom of eSwatini as well as a forecast of the elections in the DRC and Madagascar in December 2018. The one major fundamental theme that the discussion highlighted was that of good governance and the fact that it has to produce useful outcomes for ordinary citizens in terms of development, economic growth and stability. Other notable discussion points were the history of political solidarity on the continent and the ANC liberation movement, and South Africa’s interventions in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Madagascar, Zimbabwe, and eSwatini.

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