Public Regional Multi-stakeholder Women’s Month Dialogue. – 19 Aug 2021

This dialogue brought together women from the region to discuss issues affecting women, including gendered political violence and political exclusion. Recent developments, as well as deep-seated structural problems, will be explored from women’s perspectives and experiences in Zimbabwe, South Africa and Eswatini.

Speakers included:

Jestina Mukoko (Zimbabwe; Director, Zimbabwe Peace Project)

Roshan Dadoo (South Africa; Coordinator of SA BDS Coalition and former director of CoRMSA)

Colani B. Hlatjwako (Eswatini; Africa Regional Coordinator, One Billion Rising Campaign)

Roshan highlighted the plight of migrant women in South Africa, Colani focused on the political exclusion of women in Eswatini as a structural mechanism of keeping women out of decision-making processes, and Jestina discussed the nature of gendered political violence in Zimbabwe, including how violence against women in politics prevents their participation, and sexual & gender-based violence against girls.