SALO mourns the loss of Dumiso Dabengwa – 23 May 2019

Dumiso Dabengwa (former Zimbabwean Minister of Home Affairs and  a former Zanu- PF Politburo member) addresses a SALO consensus-building workshop at Burgers’ Park Hotel in Pretoria (December 2008)

“Last December our beloved Dumiso Dabengwa launched his Foundation.  One of the awards established through his Foundation is for taking “the side of the vulnerable, marginalized or oppressed when their plight did not directly affect them”.  The award is the



His white peers accused him of being too pro black.

He suffered for and with the Blacks.

He was one of us.

South Africa had Joe Slovo, we had Garfield Todd.

 So today, within the deep sadness of mortality, I feel very close to Dumiso and my father.

We are blessed to have known them, to benefit as we do from their brave lives and to have the honor

and responsibility of defending their legacies.”

Judith Garfield Todd, SALO Board Member

Big Saturday Read: Dumiso Dabengwa – Tribute to a liberation icon

May 25, 2019

|Alex T. Magaisa

“Following the death of Dumiso Dabengwa, Zimbabwe has lost a true hero. That he is a national hero requires no deliberation. For none among the living have the legitimacy to make that pronouncement. It is a matter of fact.

He carried himself with quiet dignity and after a reluctant and ultimately fruitless dalliance with ZANU PF following the Unity Accord, Dabengwa let his conscience be his master and returned to the people, in whose hearts and minds heroes lie.

He walked with them until he drew his last breath, refusing the lure of the gravy train, a temptation that few men have the capacity and will to resist.

He could have chosen the comfort of the ruling party to curry favour with the establishment in his final years. But ever the humble man, Dabengwa chose to remain with the people – an extraordinary man who chose the path of ordinariness because it was the right thing to do. “—Tribute-to-an-icon