SALO Public Civil Society Briefing on Zimbabwe- 6 May 2021

SALO aims to bring various stakeholders together to build consensus on the situation in Zimbabwe. In this briefing, leaders of Zimbabwean civil society gave an update on the political, socio-economic and human rights situation in the country. The dialogue touched upon the deterioration of Zimbabwe’s economy and the way in which ZANU-PF is consolidating a one-party state by proposing amendments to the Constitution.

Dewa Mavhinga stated that the government should be held accountable by regional and international bodies and if not, human rights violations will continue and worsen leading up to the 2023 elections. Mantate Mlotshwa touched upon the costs of activism – financial and psychological – which inhibits youth activists to continue their struggle. As such, there should be a holistic investment in the lives of activists to support their work. Margaret Mutsvami highlighted the plight of women and how the social inequality gap has steadily been increasing. Finally, Takudzwa Ngadziore made his contributions by touching on the importance of fighting against the state capture of institutions and widespread corruption. To view the recording for this dialogue click here.