SALO Regional Public Dialogue: South Africa, eSwatini, Zimbabwe. – 22 July 2021

“With events unfolding and new information coming in with the velocity that marks every major social and political crisis, no one has a decisive grasp on the situation. Things are changing by the hour. All information is limited, all attempts to make sense of it provisional. Everything that is published is out of date by the time it comes out. Nonetheless, it is always in the moment of crisis that the imperative to find and weigh evidence, reach towards conceptual clarity and draw conclusions – always provisional of course – is most urgent.” (New Frame, 2021)
 – Academic and political analyst, Richard Pithouse 

This event aimed to contribute to the understanding of significant unfolding developments in South Africa, eSwatini and Zimbabwe, looking at common threads such as the Covid-19 pandemic, which has increased levels of poverty, unemployment and frustration regionally and globally; as well as state capture, corruption and related economic consequences.