SALO welcomes the appointment of Minister Lindiwe Zulu as Chair of the ANC’s International Relations Committee

SALO wishes to extend its heartfelt congratulations to the incoming Chair of the ANC’s International Relations Committee, Minister Lindiwe Zulu.   The Minister’s appointment brings considerable skill and talent to the committee – with her vast experience and achievements as a seasoned foreign policy practitioner, both in the liberation struggle and in continuous service to the Post-Apartheid government, including as International Relations Advisor to President Zuma.

More importantly for SALO, Minister Zulu stands out as having displayed a strong commitment to human rights and social justice throughout our more than ten years of working together – supporting her as the SADC mediator for Zimbabwe, and as associates in the EU-SA Peace and Security Dialogue. Through working with the Minister in her various capacities over the years, we have come to know that women’s empowerment, pro-poor policies, regional integration and the protection of human rights are issues close to the Minister’s heart.  SALO therefore welcomes and looks forward to working with such a highly capable, human rights -focused International Relations Committee Chair.     

Ambassador Lindiwe Zulu, then-International Relations Advisor in the Presidency

“SALO has the capacity to engage people in dialogue, including those who are in conflict with each other. SALO’s experience in dialogue is something that needs to be emulated, as dialogue is the best way of resolving any conflict… we will continue to work as closely as possible with SALO, and hopefully this will result in taking the continent to a higher level of peace, security and stability.”

Ambassador Lindiwe Zulu, International Relations Advisor to the SA President and a member of the SA/SADC Facilitation Team for Zimbabwe. (May 2011 Workshop Pretoria)

“I think before I get directly to the topic itself, I’d like to thank SALO for organising this workshop. I think that it is an important workshop and we believe as the facilitation team that such gatherings are very important for us… This dialogue in my opinion must not be the beginning and the end now. I think this dialogue must be continuous because the questions that I get from here help me as I go again to engage with the facilitators. As we go and engage, they keep ringing in my head: what about this? What about that? It’s not that we’ll think of everything, but if we continuously engage like this, I’m sure that we will get somewhere.”


(September 2011 Workshop Pretoria)  “I wish to thank SALO first and foremost  for arranging this meeting, also because, as I said  the last time I was here, the work that we are doing as the Facilitation Team – but also the work that everybody else is doing in trying to address the challenges that we have – needs to be communicated.”