Somalia – 13 October 2015

Senior al-Shabaab commander captured in Somalia
A top al-Shabaab commander and two other senior members of the Islamist group have been captured by Somali and African Union troops in the Horn of Africa country, intelligence sources said on Monday.
The three were captured near the central town of Elbur late on Sunday, senior Somali intelligence officer Mohamed Hasan said.

Interim South West Administration to integrate militias into national army
Disarmament, Rehabilitation and Training of militias minister of Interim South West Administration Hassan Hussein Mohamed said they are currently training cadets to join into Somali national army (SNA).
Speaking over the phone from Baidoa, Mr Mohamed said south-west State is committed to contribute soldiers into SNA, to help the country get a strong and united armed forces boost security.
“We are at the moment training hundreds of newly recruited cadets outside Baidoa city who will join in SNA and will be deployed to the conflict zones and fighting against Al shabaab,” said Mohamed.