Somalia – 2 July 2015

Somalia Celebrates 55 Years of Independence
As Somalis celebrate 55 years of independence, President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud has urged them to dedicate themselves to defending the country’s freedom and sovereignty.
On this day Somalia commemorates the beginning of new nation after achieving freedom from the colonial powers and merging to form one nation. The day is marked with speeches fostering unity and peace, hoisting of flag, signing of national anthem and colorful police parade.
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It has suffered, yes, but as Somalia marks 55 years of independence, these are its happy stories
ON July 1, 2015, Somalia will be celebrating 55 years of independence – and doubtless it has been a tough and painful ride.
The country had no formal government or parliament for more than two decades after the overthrow of President Siad Barre in 1991 which was followed by years of anarchy. It was not until 2012, when a new internationally-backed government was installed, that the Horn of Africa nation that had become a poster child of state failure, began to take baby steps toward recovery and a measure of stability once more in some parts of it.
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Somalia Islamist Attacks Test Goal of Al-Shabaab Defeat by 2016
A wave of attacks by al-Shabaab militants in Somalia, including on an African Union base last week, shows the threat still posed by the al-Qaeda-linked group that the government has vowed to defeat by 2016.
Al-Shabaab said it killed at least 30 soldiers in the June 26 raid on Leego base in southern Somalia. The AU confirmed the assault, without giving a death toll. The violence, which came the same day as attacks by other extremists on a French factory, a Tunisian beach and a mosque in Kuwait, underscores the limited success of Somalia’s army and African troops in checking al-Shabaab’s seven-year-old insurgency.