Somalia – 27 October 2015

Somalia: People With Disabilities Abused, Neglected
People with mental health conditions in Somaliland are increasingly forced into institutions, where they face serious abuses and poor conditions. The Somaliland authorities should provide oversight for all mental health facilities, prohibit chaining, and establish voluntary community-based services for people with mental health conditions.
The 81-page report, “‘Chained Like Prisoners’: Abuses Against People with Psychosocial Disabilities in Somaliland,” finds that men with perceived or actual psychosocial disabilities face abusive restraints, beatings, involuntary treatment, and overcrowding in private and public health centers. Most are held against their will and have no possibility of challenging their detention. In private centers in particular, those with psychosocial disabilities face punitive and prolonged chaining, confinement, seclusion, and severe restrictions on their movement. The findings highlight the importance of mental health services in post-conflict regions. According to the World Health Organization, Somaliland has high rates of psychosocial disability.

KDF kill 15 al Shabaab terrorists in Somalia, destroy two boats
Kenya Defence Force (KDF) troops on Sunday morning killed fifteen al Shabaab fighters and destroyed equipment during a raid on the insurgents base in Yantooy along Jubba river in Somalia.
According to KDF spokesman Colonel David Obonyo, the troops who are fighting under the AMISOM mandate destroyed the al Shabaab operations base which is about 10 kilometres away from Bulla Gadud.
The latest attack is part of the ongoing ‘Operation Juba Corridor’ and is in preparation of Amisom’s impending attack and liberation of Jilib from the terrorist group which has been serving as their headquarters in Lower Shabelle.
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