Somalia – 29 July 2015

US President Barack Obama rules out sending troops to Somalia
US President Barack Obama said that his government would not consider sending troops to Somalia, as he sees regional allies Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda as being highly qualified to lead an anti-terrorism operation on the ground.

“I think there’s been complementarity in the work that we’ve done together. So we don’t need to send our own Marines, for example, in to do the fighting,” Obama said on Monday during a joint press conference with Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn.
The Economic Times

Al Shabaab offer nothing but death and destruction – Obama
U.S. President Barack Obama has urged allies in the East African region to join together in routing al-Shabaab, a day after the militants carried out a deadly car bomb attack in Mogadishu.
Mr Obama who was speaking in Addis Ababa after meeting Ethiopian leaders said that the bombing of a popular Mogadishu hotel shows what the al-Qaeda-linked terrorists aiming for.
‘’Yesterday’s bombing in Mogadishu reminds us that Terrorist groups like Al Shabaab offer nothing but death and destruction and have to be stopped.’’
Horseed Media

Toll for Somali hotel truck bomb rises to 15, including journalists, sparking escalation fears
The massive truck bomb that killed 15 people, including a Kenyan diplomat, and wrecked Somalia’s premier hotel has stunned the capital and raised fears Monday that the Islamic extremist al-Shabab rebels are escalating their violence.
Senior police official Capt. Mohammed Hussein said the toll has risen to 15. “This is a very worrying situation,” he said as he stood outside the Hotel Jazeera near a dead body. “This happened despite all the security precautions in place.”
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