South Sudan – 19 August 2015

South Sudan refuses to sign peace deal as sanction deadline ends
South Sudan’s government refused to sign a peace deal with rebels on Monday despite the threat of international sanctions, but will return to finalise an agreement within 15 days, mediators said.
Rebel chief Riek Machar said he had signed a deal, and called on President Salva Kiir to join.
“It was an opportunity for us to end the war,” Mr Machar said.
“We call on President Kiir to reconsider his position so that they can sign and we can go forward,” he added.

US threatens South Sudan with UN sanctions if peace deal not reached soon
The US on Tuesday put pressure on political leaders in South Sudan by announcing it was consulting with other countries about imposing United Nations sanctions on anyone who undermined the peace process in the war-hit east African state.
Susan Rice, Barack Obama’s national security adviser, said in a statement that Washington was proposing such sanctions “if an agreement is not signed by the government within 15 days and a ceasefire is not implemented promptly by all parties”.
The Guardian