South Sudan – 2 July 2015

UN documents atrocities committed by South Sudan army in Unity state
United Nations (UN) investigations uncovered “disturbing” killing of civilians, rapes and abduction in South Sudan’s oil-rich Unity state between April and June, according to a statement released on Tuesday.
The UN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) said it found “evidence of widespread human rights abuses allegedly committed” by government troops and allied militias.
Sudan Tribune

S. Sudan admits losing strategic town of Malakal to rebels
The South Sudanese government has admitted losing the Upper Nile state town of Malakal, which fell to the armed opposition forces over the weekend.
Defense minister, Kuol Manyang said government forces pulled out of the strategic town to avoid damage and loss of lives, but were within the outskirts of Malakal.
Sudan Tribune

Army ‘raped and torched girls’
Investigators found that at least 172 women and girls were abducted and subjected to sexual violence, it added.
One woman was “dragged out of her hut and gang-raped in front of her three-year old child”, the report said.
The government denies its army has committed atrocities but says it will study the report.