Statements of the ANC and SA Government on Zimbabwe: Updated November 2020


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25 October 2020, DIRCO Media Statement Retrieved from:


SADC Day of Solidarity with the Republic of Zimbabwe

Key Issues

‘Today, 25 October, marks the day in which the Member States of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) united in their resolve in calling for the removal of sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe.’

‘The SADC Heads of State and Government held in Tanzania in August 2019, declared 25 October as the day to stand in solidarity with Zimbabwe, an event in which SADC Member States collectively voice their disapproval and condemnation of sanctions against the Republic of Zimbabwe through various activities and platforms until sanctions are lifted.’

‘In this regard, the South African Government reaffirms its support to the SADC Summit’s decision to call for the unconditional and immediate removal of sanctions against the Republic of Zimbabwe.’

Date and Source

25 October 2019, Independent Online Retrieved from:


IOL: ANC Shows Support for Zimbabwe over Sanctions

Key Issues

‘The ANC has urged the US and the EU to lift the sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe, saying this was having a stranglehold on its economy.

ANC secretary-general Ace Magashule, who was speaking on the day of solidarity with Zimbabwe, said the sanctions were designed to force countries who disagree with the Western powers to toe the line.’

‘Magashule said sanctions had been used in Venezuela, Cuba and Palestine to force these countries to agree with the West.’

He said the ANC had always shared the same ideology with these countries and would not allow the use of sanctions because of their political beliefs.

He said US and EU diplomats had described the Southern Africa Development Community day of solidarity with Zimbabwe as a political statement by the regional body.

But Magashule said they take strong exception to this as the sanctions were biting Zimbabwe.’

“The ANC takes strong umbrage to such dismissive and arrogant language.

“As a liberation movement we are very clear that these are the actions and words of those who want to keep us as developing nations in perpetual economic servitude and on a restraining leash that they can use to rein us in at their whim any time,” said Magashule.

He said sanctions must end now.