Sudan – 17 June 2016

Five million in Sudan need aid — EU

More than 5 million people in Sudan need urgent assistance after new displacements in Darfur and a surge of refugees arriving from South Sudan, a top European Commission official said on Wednesday.

The comments by Jean-Louis De Brouwer, the director operations at the EC’s Humanitarian and Civil Protection Department, came after the commission offered 12.5 million euros ($14 million) to the UN World Food Programme (WFP) for supporting relief operations in Sudan.

“The humanitarian situation in many parts of Sudan is critical, as recent population displacements in Darfur and a surge of arrivals from South Sudan illustrate,” De Brouwer said in a WFP statement.

The Jordan Times


€12.5 Million From EU for Sorghum in Sudan

The European Commission Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection Department has contributed €12.5 million to the World Food Programme (WFP). The United Nations programme plans to use the bulk of the contribution to provide sorghum to more than 100,000 displaced people in Darfur for several months.

Sorghum is a staple food in Sudan. WFP plans to provide the grain to 137,000 displaced Darfuris for three months with €10.5 million of the contribution, along with pulses for more than 180,000 South Sudanese refugees for six months. WFP will also use part of the contribution to support 88,200 displaced people across Darfur with cash-based transfers in the form of food vouchers for three months.