Sudan – 22 April 2016

Foreign Ministry Undersecretary Briefs Ambassadors of European Countries On Roadmap and Darfur Referendum

Undersecretary of Foreign Ministry, Ambassador Abdul-Melik Al-Naeem presented a briefing for Ambassadors of European countries resident in Khartoum in presence of Darfur File Official, Dr Amin Hassan Omer, about the roadmap and the Darfur Administrative Referendum.

Ambassador Al-Naeem said the roadmap, which was supported by the UN Secretary-General, African Union , Arab League and European Union and considered that it constitutes a good base for realizing peace in the Sudan, was signed by Sudan despites its reservations over some of its articles due to Sudan commitment and effort to realize peace and development in the Sudan.


Military support to Sudan is an explicit blessing for Crimes against Humanity.

For more than two decades the common spirit between Sudan and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has never exceeded the limits of a shrinking Economic and Cultural relation and shaky Diplomatic ties. The apex of tension between the two countries was at the time of the Gulf turmoil, when Sudan had missed the access of harvesting fruit of the Gulf Geopolitics Conflict and instead supported Iraq for its crimes in Kuwait, and since then Sudan kept begging for military support at regional level from Iraq and Iran or internationally from China and Russia to counter the internal peripheral wars of the Sudan.

The recent developments in the volatile Middle East is likely to make a very big change by creating a new equation in the region . Russia has become a fresh key player in the Middle East against Saudi interests while Iran is gaining further ground in the region after the International Community has lifted the sanctions from the Islamic Republic in exchange for freezing its nuclear program. This development is not only a nightmare to Saudi Arabia but it also going to make a very negative impact on the prospective peace process in Sudan.

Sudan Tribune