Swaziland – 1 September 2015

Zuma sends condolences to Swaziland following horror road crash
President Jacob Zuma has sent a message of condolences to King Mswati III and the Swaziland government following a horrific road accident in the tiny neighbouring kingdom on Friday that claimed the lives of many young women and left scores others seriously injured.
“The South African Government sends its deepest sympathy and condolences to the Government and the people of the Kingdom of Swaziland following the tragic loss of young lives and shares in the mourning of the families‚ as well as the relatives of the deceased. We wish the injured speedy recoveries‚” said President Zuma.

Global life expectancy rises, but not for Swaziland
While other countries noted a rise in life expectancy, Swaziland realised the opposite, a study has revealed.
The study says in Swaziland, people born in 2013 could expect to live fewer healthy years than people born 20 years earlier.
It says a survey of major diseases and injuries in 188 countries has revealed that life expectancy had gone up by more than six years since 1990 and people in Japan are likely to live the longest. However, the study also reveals that while people live longer than 20 years ago, they spend longer periods of time battling illness and disability.
“Research published in ‘The Lancet’ journal recently found that people around the world are generally living longer, but are also spending longer periods of time battling illness and disability,” reads the report.
Swazi Observer