Swaziland – 10 August 2014

Swazi Prime Minister Tells MPs ‘To Strangle Union Leaders When They Return From the Us’
“Prime Minister Sibusiso Barnabas Dlamini has called for the strangulation of workers union leaders who went to Washington under the pretext of going to save AGOA,” reports the Times of Swaziland.
The competing daily Swazi Observer also reported on the matter however said the PM used the word ‘discipline’ and not ‘strangulation’. allAfrica

Swazi King Parties While Children Die
The Swaziland Government spent about E5.9 million (US$600,000) on the official opening of the King Mswati III International Airport, it has just been revealed.
At the same time, at least 36 children have died from diarrhoea and more than 500 have been hospitalised after the government said it did not have money to pay for available rotavirus vaccines.
Had the US$600,000 been spent on the children, the government could have bought at least 93,000 vials of vaccine, enough for about 46,000 children. allAfrica

Palestinian accuses UNISWA of dumping her
When Dr Hidaia Alassouli left the country to go on holiday in Gaza, she hoped to return to her job as an Electrical Engineering lecturer at the University of Swaziland.
She did not bank on two things—the conflict in Gaza would intensify and Israel would declare war, thus preventing or making it difficult for her to leave the strip; and secondly and more importantly, that the university would choose not to renew her contract. Swazi Observer

On Wednesday, I was pleasantly asked by Muzi Masuku to tag along with him to Big Bend Prison, to visit one of the two most talked about prisoners of conscience in Swaziland today.
This is Thulani Maseko, who was convicted together with Bheki Makhubu and sentenced to two years each, without the option of a fine.
When we got there and having complied with all the necessary steps to facilitate our request to see this prisoner, we walked quite some distance (we had been asked to leave our vehicle outside the main gate) until we got to the place where prisoners are kept, gave the officers our document of visitation, and were then asked to wait our turn to be called in.Times of Swaziland