Swaziland – 11 July 2014

King’s Paper Attacks U.S. Ambassador
The Swazi Observer has accused the US Ambassador to Swaziland Makila James of violating diplomatic protocol and the Vienna Convention for supporting pro-democracy voices in the kingdom.
The attack by the newspaper which is in effect owned by King Mswati III is unprecedented. allAfrica.com

Anti-Social or Social Community? How Young People Use Social Media in Swaziland
A joint research project by MISA-Swaziland and UNESCO found that as social media grows, so does the opportunities and the threats.

Nomsa Dlamini (15) is ensconced in a black leather lounge suite, seemingly oblivious to the lively chitchat of her two playful siblings in the spacious living room. allAfrica.com
MBABANE – In a move to save the tourism industry from collapsing, government will lobby the other SADC member states to engage South Africa to consider reviewing its amended immigration law.
This comes after South Africa passed the Immigrations Amendment Act of 2007, which introduced stringent requirements from tourists entering the republic. Times of Swaziland

Our worth is eroding
THE ever rising cost of living is hitting hard on the Swazi poor, what with the hike in public transport fares.
On the other hand, the opportunities for meaningful income generation are getting thinner if not outright disappearing.
This is no doubt a sign that the much talked about economic recovery has no bearing on the man on the street. It may be argued that the deteriorating standards of living are a result of exogenous factors, the truth is that this is felt by our people, from lower middle class to the ordinary poor. The Swazi Observer