Swaziland – 18 June 2015

ILO demands eight reforms in Swaziland

Before placing Swaziland in the Special Paragraph at the conclusion of its 104th Conference, the International Labour Organisation outlined at least eight actions it wants the kingdom’s government to implement ‘without further delay’.


Swaziland: ‘Police Torture Suspect to Death’

Swaziland police killed a suspect by suffocating him during questioning, a newspaper in the kingdom has reported.
The killing happened on Friday (12 June 2015) at the Manzini police station.
The Swazi News, an independent newspaper in the kingdom, where media censorship is the norm, reported that the man ‘was suffocated using the now infamous technique known as “tubing”.’

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Swaziland: ‘Swazi Ex-Justice Minister Took Bribe’

Sibusiso Shongwe took a bribe when he was still Swaziland’s Justice Minister and he tried to entice a High Court Judge and the Chief Justice Michael Ramodibedi to also take bribes, a top Swazi judge and a senior judicial officer have testified under oath.

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Swaziland: Chief Justice Runs to Supreme Court

Swaziland’s suspended Chief Justice Michael Ramodibedi is to appeal three rulings by the Swazi High Court that allowed a hearing to investigate his alleged abuse of power to go ahead.

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